Timelapse: Eastern Sierras/Mt. Whitney

I shot this over the course of three days in May in Alabama Hills. Every time I go out to shoot, I learn something. For the last four years, that’s a lot of lessons and some are hard to keep top of mind – there’s a special feeling that accompanies the realization you’ve repeated the same mistake, a feeling I’ve become familiar with.

2015DSC_7351Mt Whitney 3DS Nightlapse 2

In this instance, the lack of redundancy was my enemy on this trip. Since we were camping I hadn’t bothered to bring power supplies for the cameras, and in setting up long exposures on that first night I had wasted more than half the batteries on both the D3s and the D800. I had remembered to purchase an extra battery for the GoPro, however, which came in handy when the next morning after an hour timelapse my D3s’ battery bit the dust for the weekend.

2015DSC_3387May 2015 Alabama Hills d800

There was an inner struggle that last night on which way to point the remaining camera, and sadly I’m not sure I made the right choice. I also didn’t take the time to *really* examine the frame or I’d have seen the horizon was just cut off, that’s just sloppiness/laziness. Also perhaps fatigue, as we’d all four (two 70 pound airedale terriers, my wife and myself) slept in the back of a midsized SUV the night prior due to a crazy storm that came off Mt. Whitney that afternoon (you can see it moving toward us in the timelapse segment shot from the arch. When the low storm clouds did roll in, a gust of wind knocks the GoPro from it’s rock-secured set up within the arch and the camera shakes… I was walking out toward the GoPro when that happened from our campsite and felt it pretty good myself.)

May 2015 Alabama Hills Edited-7391

Having three cameras to shoot with (two DSLRs and a GoPro) is *awesome*. I felt so crippled with just one after the batteries had died in the other two. The first thing I did after this trip was purchase a second D3s battery (no small feat, as those are like 150 bucks!) and a power converter for my car.

May 2015 Alabama Hills Edited-7400

It’s a great time of year in Southern California to grab timelapses, too – the late spring/early summer monsoons are starting to form out in the desert. I definitely see more of these in my future – it satisfies my inner-weather-nerd (weather fans, you know what I’m talkin’ about) and my need to create and my love for learning the infinite hobby of photography.

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