Living Room Studio Lights Fun Time

Perhaps because I finally have some brainpower left over at the end of my workdays from a lighter q4 or maybe the sauvignon blanc, but I got my lights and backdrop out of the garage last night and set it up in my living room for some fun time photo time.
DSC_2434Michele wasn’t feeling great but being the good sport that she is, she put on some crazy makeup and danced around with me and helped me pose the dogs for some fun photos.

I don’t know much about lighting, but I’ve tried to continue to read about set ups, etc. I only have two, so we couldn’t really get crazy with lights. One thing I kept having problems with was getting my camera to focus in the low light. I get that’s what the lamps are for, but my lamps weren’t turning off for the flash. It’s entirely possible I just didn’t have it on the right setting, but it made it difficult for the camera autofocus to adjust. I need to spend more time figuring that out. Filed under “Things I still don’t know.”

DSC_2542I also get that I could have just used a small aperture and set it to manual but my living room isn’t that big, so that option was out.

Either way, I had a ton of fun though modeling myself felt kind of uncomfortable and douchey. I also didn’t necessarily want to just take pictures of my dogs but I guess you have to use what you have. I’m glad Michele was a happy participant, otherwise there would just be 299 photographs of myself which I’m already overly critical of for a variety of self-conscious reasons.

Michele was also instrumental in the actual positioning of the lights. About 30 seconds worth of recommendations of where to put them yielded better results of at least 3 or 4 solid hours combined of reading about light set ups and looking at graphs and diagrams. When I told her that she said, “Great, that’ll be $16,000 USD please.”

The full gallery is below.

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2 Responses to Living Room Studio Lights Fun Time

  1. April Vincak says:

    Stephanie,these are fantastic photos! Every single one

  2. Casey says:

    So great to meet y’all today on our snow coach ride. Your photos are simply fantastic. So much good energy to you and Michelle in 2016. Keep shooting!

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