Etsy Store Now Open – Order Prints!

The Less Than Amateur Etsy Store is now open!

More prints will be added in the coming days. There are size options and framing options available as well.

Missile Twilight small

Cape Cod Magic small

Counting Minutes The Secret small August 2014 Joshua Tree & Salton Sea-1425 One Earth One Soul One People no text_

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8 Responses to Etsy Store Now Open – Order Prints!

  1. Darrarski says:

    Great photos! I have noticed, that first image in this post is linked to wrong hi-resolution file. Could you fix the link?

  2. And actually I probably should repost the lower resolutions on there anyway. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Darrarski says:

    It would be great if you provide hi-resolution image for the first photo in this post. It’s just amazing. I would like to have it on my computer’s wallpaper if it’s not a problem.

    • Scroll down and the higher res ones are posted a couple blogs down from a post on Sunday night. There’s a few you can choose from. Glad you like them!

      • Darrarski says:

        I couldn’t find this image in full resolution. The image on blogpost you mentioned has only 800×532 pixels. The fixed link in this post directs to 1200×798 pixels size image. I was hoping for something about 4k, like other photos linked in this post before you downscaled them. Could you share full resolution image with me? I will of course respect all rights that you have to the results of your work.

      • Sorry man – can’t send you the full rez. Just what’s on the blog.

      • Darrarski says:

        It’s a pity, but I understand. Perhaps there is a way to purchase a digital copy for personal use? Anyway, those are really great photos, congrats!

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