Miami & Everglades, Dec 2016

I originally planned to shoot a lot more in Miami and Key West, but the weather and my schedule didn’t permit more than one timelapse (a really good one, tho) and I never seemed to be in the right place at the right time for sunset.


That said it was a fantastic vacation and I experienced Everglades National Park for the first time with a fantastic tour guide. It just happened that the sunset / clouds weren’t really with us for sunset, which is one of the literal hundreds of variables that go into a great landscape shot.


Overall though I have zero complaints – the Everglades trip forced me to admit I had reached a certain level of comfort in knowing the abilities of my camera and simply stopped trying to learn more. So, in that sense I feel really good because over the last couple of shoots I’ve had the chance to dig in again and start pushing myself with new settings, features, etc that can only help me get better.


The full gallery is below.

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3 Responses to Miami & Everglades, Dec 2016

  1. April vincak says:

    Absolutely beautiful Stephanie!

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