How 3 Months Pass With No Update

Today my alarm was set for 3:30 am and I had everything ready for a hike up to Sandstone Peak to hopefully catch a sunrise over the coastal fog. When that didn’t happen because my bed was so warm and I was so tired, I got up at 7 to start editing… and re-editing, since the last few timelapses I worked on didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted them to because I skipped a step in LRTimelapse.

As I waited for LRTimelapse to import, I wondered when the last time I updated this blog was. Turns out it was almost 3 months ago. How does 3 months go by without an update? I turned to my iPhone for answers.

Turns out in the last 3 months:

120161280 x 960IMG_8202

I shot all day and night at Trona Pinnacles

220163184 x 23892

I shot at Garlock Lake

320161280 x 960IMG_8303

I shot the Death Valley superbloom

52016960 x 1280IMG_8573

I shot at Anza Borrego and was really unhappy about the conditions

920161280 x 960IMG_8728

I shot at Anza Borrego again, this time I was happier about the conditions

420162448 x 3264IMG_8511

I went out to visit these guys

820162448 x 3264IMG_8659

I had a tennis tournament to attend

1520161334 x 750IMG_9368

I was in London for a week

1020162448 x 3264IMG_8891

While I was in London I was busy appreciating other people’s creations

1120162448 x 3264IMG_8949

I had some celebrating to do


I had some remembering to do

1220161280 x 960IMG_9133

I helped shoot six hours of live TV with basically no prior experience doing so

1420161280 x 960IMG_9318

I shot Yosemite Valley

720163264 x 2448IMG_8620

And a few other things.

Turns out the last three months have been rather productive. Someone recently told me, as we lamented never having enough time to spend together, that “we’re not the kind of people with nothing to do when the weekend rolls around.” Truer words have never been spoken.

I’ve been shooting as much as I can since January but have also been traveling for work the majority of the time. I now have what I consider a megabacklog of photos to sift through.

Timelapses from the following locations are in the process of editing, once I’m done struggling with each one since the process of editing properly them still seems to elude me on a regular basis.

  • Miami Beach
  • California deserts:
    • Death Valley Superbloom
    • Anza Borrego
    • Mojave Desert
    • Joshua Tree
    • Salton Sea
    • Trona Pinnacles
  • Springtime timelapses:
    • Wind Wolves Preserve
    • Yosemite Valley

The good news is that I’ve learned how to sync timelapses to get rid of almost all of the microdust on my lenses on all photos. The bad news is that now I want to go back through the dozens of other timelapses I’ve done and re-edit every single one of them…..

# # #

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