March 2016 Wind Cave Timelapse

Somewhere south along the 8 freeway near the Mexican border is a tiny road off a small town that takes you to Anza Borrego State Park. Off that small road are more, smaller dirt roads that branch off in a variety of directions. Off one of those dirt roads, in a hardly marked area through canyons I wouldn’t feel safe driving through with any weather whatsoever in the forecast, is a small, barely noticeable trailhead.


It goes straight up.

There’s no shade, there’s no trees. Just rocks, you, dirt and the almost-Mexican sun. Two miles up and onto a ridgeline that looks like one of the other literal thousands of ridgelines that extend all the way to the southwestern horizon, is a network of wind caves.

I sat out here for a few hours, enjoying exploring the caves while my cameras caught the clouds moving in to the southwest. Overall I think I got just two timelapses here, and the one above is my favorite of the two.



The timelapse above will appear in my upcoming “Desert” timelapse series.

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