Humpback Whales, Kachemak Bay

20164256 x 2832DSC_1844

I was never afraid of whales until I was surrounded by them and one of them came flying out of the water about 75 yards away. Fully airborne, I realized instantly there would be no time to jump, no time to clear the boat, no time to dive deep enough if one decided to breach and land (accidentally) on our little boat. Terrifying creatures.

20164256 x 2832DSC_1804

And they were everywhere. You didn’t need to go looking for them because, like the bears, they would just pop up all around you. And on quiet early mornings, you could hear their breath all the up on the deck of our lodge – big, slow exhales. The occasional slapping sound as a fin smacked the water. Echoing everywhere.

20164256 x 2832DSC_1738

The Kachemak Bay isn’t very big, but it’s nutrient rich so there can be a lot of whales in a small area on a good day. And on the two or three quiet mornings we were out on the boat, they seemed to be everywhere. Slow moving, huge, cautious.

20164256 x 2832DSC_1800

The full gallery is below.

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