Perseid meteor shower (part 1)

I took about four timelapses last month out in the eastern Sierras during the Perseid meteor shower. I still need to finish editing them but in the meantime here’s an image I created playing with photostacking. It’s not super awesome, but I don’t know Photoshop that well so this is as close as I got to what I was imagining.

I created it by going through the 300+ photos I took at ~20 sec @ 2.8 with around probably 4000 ISOish, and selecting the frames that had decent streaks captured and then using Photoshop’s image stacking process. I was following a How-To online but it was a while ago and I can’t remember which site I was referencing.

Using a shot after the moon had already come up as the background image the rest of the images are filtered so that only bits that are “lighter” than the background image show up – hence, star trails.

One thing I notice while posting this now is that there’s still the static stars in the background image, which makes it look weirdly contrasted and well, amateur. I need to go back and erase that section of the background image somehow. I tried to use all 300 photos in one image stack for crazy star trails but it would have taken forever to process and I gave up.


Composition, especially for night shots, remains a challenge for me but I’m relatively happy with how it turned out for now. I’ll have more to post soon. I just need to edit edit edit.


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2 Responses to Perseid meteor shower (part 1)

  1. Timothy J. Seppala says:

    You’re doing far better than I am with this. I haven’t figured out the stacking process aside from making layers of all the raw images. From there, I’m at a loss. This and your most recent one are absolutely killer.

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