Ode: Meritum – a desert timelapse film

Ode: Meritum is the second and latest timelapse film in the Ode series.

Locations for this film include the Mojave, including the Mojave National preserve; Death Valley National Park; Lone Pine’s Alabama Hills; Blythe, California; Sedona, Arizona; Cactus National Monument, Arizona; and several locations throughout Nevada and southern Arizona, including Pheonix and surrounding areas.

It is my ode to the American southwestern deserts and it’s taken an embarrassingly long two and a half years to finish. I wish I could go back to all of the people who happened upon me in random locations over the last 20 or so months who asked what I was shooting and then wrote down my URL, only to be disappointed that months would go by without an update. Specifically a botanist we happened upon who walked up to us in the literal middle of the desert during the super bloom in Death Valley because I’ve never been more shocked to see another human being in my life.

Merium means ‘desert’ in Latin. And if you follow this blog at all then you know I love nature and the mountains, but the desert holds a special place in my heart. The first time I ever went to Death Valley was the first time I had heard such enormously loud silence. The huge skies and the cloud formations that only deserts see was enough to get me hooked.

So this is my ode to deserts. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

– PT

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1 Response to Ode: Meritum – a desert timelapse film

  1. April says:

    Stephanie, this is no less than perfect, thank you for sharing

    Sent from my iPad. Love one another


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