How the Shot Was Got Ep III: Shit Gets Weird When You Spend So Much Time Alone (behind the scenes of ODE: Meritum)

On trips over the last year or so I’ve started vlogging more when I’m out on these trips to shoot. It’s a lot of time just sitting around with nothing to do, and I get super bored really easily. I also get weird.

But the behind the scenes stuff is a neat little reminder of the end result and what was going on behind the camera at the time of that particular shot – how far I had to hike, how hot it was, or cold, and yes, in one case I felt like a van that cruised by really slowly (three times) while I was out in the middle of a high desert plain was casing my gear and I was fairly confident that I could be easily robbed that day.

While shooting the poppies I happened to have company that day along for the ride, and while out in the middle of the backroads we came across a man and a woman, the man had a camera and the women was wearing nothing except a fur coat. Super bloom, indeed.

The full film, ODE: Meritum, is here:

Enjoy my weirdness!

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