Ode: Noctis – a timelapse of the night sky

This entry into my “Ode” series pays tribute to the night sky, which I first learned to shoot in 2013 standing at tunnel view in Yosemite. Everything changed for me when I realized photography didn’t have to end after sundown, and I’ve spent countless evenings in the high Sierra Nevada, the Mojave Desert and anywhere else I could find without too much light pollution staying up all night listening to the shutters click on my cameras. There’s something so amazing to me about capturing star trails in night timelapses, like I’m capturing a secret dance I’m not supposed to see.

If you would like to see more in the Ode series, please check out Tempus Vernum (springtime), and Meritum (deserts) on this blog page. I am currently working on my next Ode, titled Domum (home), which will be a supercut of my best timelapses of the various eastern parts of the Sierra Nevada, the place I consider home.

Soundtrack: Main Theme from the upcoming GRIS from Devolver Digital and Nomada Studios, and the game is as beautiful as the song – check it out at grisgame.com and the composer – Berlinist – at http://www.berlinistmusic.com/.

More shoddy photography work at http://www.lessthanamateur.com.

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