Ode: Domum – a visual poem-song to the Sierra Nevada (Timelapse)

An Ode is defined as ‘a poem meant to be sung.’

‘Domum’ is Latin for ‘home.’

Ode: Domum is my fifth and final entry into my Ode timelapse series focuses solely on a place I feel so at home: on the eastern and mid-Sierra Nevada range. The footage extends from the most remote places of the Golden Trout Wilderness to the south, to as far north as Yosemite National Park’s Tioga Pass Road. Some of the places will be instantly recognizable like Yosemite’s iconic Tunnel View and Mammoth’s Crystal Crag, while other places are so rarely visited like the remote Lower Hopkins Lake and Pioneer Basin. In the end, no image (animated or otherwise) can do justice in communicating the experience of being there, but I’ve sure had fun trying.

It’s a strange feeling to fall in love with a physical place, especially one as impossibly vast as the Sierra range, and any attempts to describe how that feels sounds crazy. I’ve spent the majority of whatever free time I can over the past 8 years crawling over as many of the trails that my aging knees can manage, desperate to see as much as I can of this truly infinite and deeply mystical place.

One technical note: The fidelity of this particular timelapse compilation is not as high as I’d have liked it to be, as much of the footage captured was done with a GoPro Hero 4 and an iPhone, which are much lighter to travel with when hiking long distances in the backcountry but not visually superior to my Nikons. But it depicts so many of the places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit and will never forget.

Some of the footage is grainy, some of it shakes, but all of it was captured with a deep sense of wonder and a need to share it with people who love it as much as I do and people who maybe might visit some part of it one day.

I also took care to highlight each location – some of the footage was shot years ago, so I did my best from memory (and quite a few minutes pouring over maps looking for whatever obscure trail I was on…) If there’s a mistake it was not intentional.

Soundtrack: Ryzu: Ennui (Waffle Edit)

Yours in continuing adventure,

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1 Response to Ode: Domum – a visual poem-song to the Sierra Nevada (Timelapse)

  1. April says:

    Never cease to amaze, thank you for sharing.

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