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Living Room Studio Lights Fun Time

Perhaps because I finally have some brainpower left over at the end of my workdays from a lighter q4 or maybe the sauvignon blanc, but I got my lights and backdrop out of the garage last night and set it … Continue reading

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Dogs. Dogs and birthday hats.

I felt absolutely crazy walking into the “dog bakery” at the Grove earlier this month. It was my pup’s first birthday and all of his dog friends would be at the park that afternoon. I figured some designer dog treats … Continue reading

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Bar dog, Camp Nelson, California

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Dragonflies at Switzer Falls

I have avoided Switzer Falls for years because I’ve always thought it’s an easy hike, crowded and waterfalls in Los Angeles aren’t anything to write home about.                           … Continue reading

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A dogpark lesson in Manual vs. Aperture

So I go to a fancy fucking dogpark, okay? It’s right under the Hollywood sign and the view and the dogs are pretty awesome. It’s not “really” a dog park but everyone that lives nearby uses it as one. My … Continue reading

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