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Living Room Studio Lights Fun Time

Perhaps because I finally have some brainpower left over at the end of my workdays from a lighter q4 or maybe the sauvignon blanc, but I got my lights and backdrop out of the garage last night and set it … Continue reading

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My first time using lights!

In an editorial penned by someone with far greater talents than myself, I recently read that it’s a meaningful moment when you go from capturing what you see to actively manipulating a scene for a better shot. He was referring … Continue reading

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The “I got to shoot sports” post, AKA “I’m ten feet from Novak Djokovich zomg”

First of all, I took these while sitting next to Jodie Foster. Okay, now that that’s out of the way: One thing I’ve always noticed when watching professional sporting events was the insane amount of photographers with insanely long, fast … Continue reading

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