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All of the Full-sized Imagery from ‘How the Shot Was Got’ ep 1

HAI! Recently I started putting together the second timelapse compilation (there will be Spring and Desert, the latter of which is getting a custom score!) and I realized I had a ton of behind the scenes footage from being out … Continue reading

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HDR at White Sands, New Mexico. Also, don’t mess with desert bugs.

Our one White Sands sunset was a bust to shoot in that the fires around the state were making the atmosphere far more hazy than it normally would have been, so the haze blocked the sunset as the sun would … Continue reading

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Rush hour at El Morro Bluffs, New Mexico

Traveling from White Sands up into Northeastern New Mexico, we stopped off at a natural spring and national monument, El Morro. It was a really interesting place to visit from an historical perspective, and given Michele’s interest in the sociology … Continue reading

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Northwestern New Mexico / Northeastern Arizona

One of the things I remember thinking while packing my bag for this trip was how stoked I was that it was monsoon season. On my last trip to Page, Arizona to shoot the slot canyons┬áit was the end of … Continue reading

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Within 5 minutes of arriving at the Carlsbad Cavern main cave, I smashed my brand new 14-24mm Nikon lens. Twice.

The start of my trip to New Mexico was rough. The first 45 minutes of driving out of Albuquerque to Carlsbad I got smacked with a speeding ticket. ┬áIt was an 80 in a 70, but when I asked the … Continue reading

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Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico – first shot.

I want to post this in full resolution because it’s insane in there. No picture can do the Caverns justice, but I’m going to try. Editing all of the photos this week, excited to share the rest.

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